The world's first
for street or track conditions at a twist of the wrist!

Up until now, making your machine quiet for normal street use, has meant pulling your BOV off and putting it back on when you want “track conditions”.

Not surprisingly, it's been every enthusiasts dream to have a superbly engineered BOV that has absolute maximum throttle response and power in Full Blast mode for the track ... and with a flick of the wrist, runs quiet for the street.


Called the StealthFX, this amazing breakthrough is now a reality, the latest in a string of Aussie innovations from Sydney-based hybrid technology experts,
It is, as its name implies, the ULTIMATE performance breakthrough in BOV technology, pioneered in the GFB developmental lab. It is ...

The PERFECT stealth blow-off valve!
By utilising a unique air diverting system you control exactly how much air you dump to the atmosphere for noise, or the inlet for silence.

By sending the vented air back to the inlet (rather than muffling it), there is no restriction and the valve
still operates at maximum efficiency.

For cars with sensitive air flow meters, the valve can be tuned to vent just enough air back to the inlet to prevent backfiring whilst giving the loudest possible blow-off noise. No more guessing which valve will work on your car - this one will do it all!
Now here's the cool part …

By turning the GFB world patented ratchet style head, you can finely adjust the amount of air that goes to each venting port, giving you complete control over how loud your gear changes are!

The advantages of this system, combined with GFB's other proven features are numerous...

  • Fingertip control over how loud your shifts are! By simply turning the lower ring of the cap, you can adjust how much air is vented to the atmosphere or to the inlet, giving you complete 'noise control' over your shifts!
  • For cars with sensitive air-flow meters, you can dial in the valve to eliminate common problems normally associated with aftermarket valves... and still get a great sound.
  • No tools needed for spring adjustment. Spring adjustment is achieved by a unique mechanism contained completely within the valve, meaning that no tools are required for adjustment. This also ensures the profile remains as low as possible, as the cap does not move up and down when adjusting.
  • Unique piston seals achieve the best possible seal on both ends of the piston. Now, as well as our acetal piston seat, a low friction, lubricant-impregnated polymer piston ring is incorporated. This system is far more reliable than o-rings, which require frequent maintenance and replacement.
  • Tight engine bays are NO problem! The vacuum nipple is free to rotate through 360 degrees to make fitting easier.

NEW! Complete BOLT-ONStealth FX kits!

WRX Stealth FX

Following in the footsteps of our popular WRX Hybrid, the WRX Stealth FX is a direct bolt-on replacement for MY01 models and onwards. Everything you need is supplied in the kit for quick and easy installation. Only the Stealth FX allows you to go from silent and unnoticeable to ear shattering in a matter of seconds!

200SX Stealth FX

Finally, a bolt-on blow off valve for the S14 and S15 200SX! The unique flange allows the Stealth FX to be attached directly to the factory bypass valve mounting bracket. No hose cutting, no extra adaptors, and no hassles!


Skyline Stealth FX

Now available to suit the R33 and R34 Nissan Skyline. The versatility of the Stealth FX, combined with the quality fit of a factory component makes this valve the only logical choice.




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